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Your business has a story.

We’ll help you tell it.

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Our Work

The common denominator to all of our work? A dedication to tell organizations’ compelling story and a passion to do so.

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Our People

Our team is small, which allows us to serve the needs of small businesses and non-profits who don’t have time or resources to waste.

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Our periodic viewpoints on everything from marketplace trends to business storylines to peaceful existence in household with three adolescent children.

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Don’t Know Where to Begin?

So often, your problem is knowing where to start. Try one of our “Get Cracking” packages.

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Know This First

Knowing Where to Begin Can Be the Biggest Hurdle

Some call it procrastination. It’s a hard label to accept when you’re busy every hour on all other parts of your business. So, we call it inertia. We have a 7-question conversation to overcome inertia, simplify what’s in front of you, and get you started with a new marketing or communication plan.

Our Company Values

What We’re About

We love to write, to apply our storytelling ability in helping small businesses. We spend as much time as we can on docks at lakes. In Maine. We love to stare at data and see what stories and lessons it will reveal. We love family dinners on Sunday. We love connecting with a new client and watching them realize that there’s a better way to do marketing and communications.

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7 Marcom Launch Process

Assess, Conceive & Execute…with Common Sense Pricing

Sometimes it takes a big, extended plan, but often we can mobilize quickly. A few conversations about your objectives, some analysis of the marketplace, maybe a quick survey of your clients or prospects. And then we’re off and running with a plan and a charge to grow your business.

7 Questions to Launch
Annual Gillette Marketing Budget
Dollar Shave Club YouTube Views
Dollar Shave Club vs. Gillette

You Can Be a Billionaire by 2020

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7 Ideas for Jump Starting a Public Relations and Publicity Campaign

“We didn’t realize you were after media coverage.” That was the SVP at a major international public relations firm as we were firing them and after paying the firm millions of dollars over five years expressly to get media coverage.

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Smart Use of Social Media

A periodic, clever observation isn’t enough. You need content … to connect with your story.

Your Story’s Enemy?

Inertia and impatience. The former prevents getting started, the latter halts promising strategy prematurely.

Research Empowers Your Story

It’s the intersection of art and science. Using a survey to inform strategy and narrative, that’s what we do.

Pat GravesCaption First

“Just a note of thanks for your dedication to NCRA and the profession. I loved seeing you shine as a leader at the convention.”

Court reporting firm owner

“Thank you very much for an excellent job. Everything sounds great and looks very professional.”

Association Membership Director

“I’ve never seen a firm find our voice and build it into our marketing strategy so quickly and seemingly effortlessly. I never knew it could be this easy.”

Small Business Owner

“I’ve never been a big fan of surveys, but you changed my viewpoint on that. We didn’t just learn how our prospects make decisions, we learned what exact messaging grabs their attention.”

Principal at Investment Firm

“What began as a discussion about re-writing our brochure became an entire marketing and P.R. overhaul. We have a new website, fabulous looking collateral, a new logo and tagline. And you got our story on the newspaper and we even were on television. And it happened so quickly.”

Association CEO

“Our goal of getting national media attention wasn’t just ambitious, it was probably a bit unrealistic. But you did it!”

Non-profit CEO

“What I like best about working with (7 Marcom) is the way you listen before you make suggestions. It didn’t take long for you to feel like a part of our team.”

Listening: The Most Powerful Part of Communication

It’s the most important, but least practiced component of marketing and communications. “People listen not to understand. They listen to respond.”

Listen like Lisa