7 Ways to Make the Most of a Conference Experience

By August 18, 2018 No Comments

According to our Twitter feed, everyone we know is attending a conference this week, including your’s truly.  A few weeks ago we  began to focus on our own convention goals to make the most of that experience. Here’s our guide for making the most of your investment in a conference.

  1. Have goals in mind and write them down. Then, listen for ideas to solve them at the conference. Use our Back of the Napkin to mobilize those ideas into a plan.
  2. Be ready to network. Create a list of people with whom you want to connect and follow them on social media. Reach out and make specific plans to meet.
  3. Write your “Elevator Pitch.” Be ready to describe your business in one minute or less (and always have business cards ready).
  4. Do your homework. Study the agenda, read speaker bios, and look for mentoring opportunities. Take advantage of special events that may be written in the fine print.
  5. Write your follow-up email while you’re there. Collect business cards. Drop them into your contact list and send within two to three days of getting home.
  6. Be visible! Share what you’re learning. Tweet from the convention sessions. Post pictures with colleagues on Instagram and use the hashtags that are associated with the event. This shows clients and colleagues that you’re serious about continuing education and that you’re tech savvy, too.
  7. Take note of any themes, ideas, and breakthroughs and be ready to present them to colleagues back home (another application of our Tracker).

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