7 Ways to (Pumpkin) Spice Your Fall Strategy

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We are continuing our series on  Gearing Up for Falloffering ways to use the last weeks of summer to prepare for the September charge. You already have great content, don’t forget that there are multiple ways to use it. If you make time to change graphics, use quotes, or find seasonal hashtags you will freshen up your website and demonstrate your readiness to make the most of the next season. Below are 7 more ways to spice up your fall marketing.

  1. Repurpose your Blog Content: A blog isn’t a one shot deal with so many channels available. You’ve already invested the time to write and research, take some time to review what you’ve done and brainstorm how to reuse it. Grab a quote and create a graphic. Change the images and create new (seasonal) hashtags for twitter. Tweak the content and post on a social media channel that hasn’t seen it.
  2. Focus on the Leads You Know. Rather than pursuing every lead that comes your way, focus on the highest quality leads for your business. Heidi Thompson, author of “Clone Your Best Clients,” offers great ways to do just that…identify your best clients and multiply.
  3. Build Video into  Your Marketing Strategy. You’ve heard that video marketing is one of the best ways to reach your audience. But you shouldn’t simply create videos, post them on YouTube or Vimeo, and leave them. Create a strategy to ensure that you’re not only reaching your audience where they are, but also communicating the right message at the right time. Grab an iPhone, a basketball and some nephews for free and entertaining content.
  4. Digital Ads Are Too Cheap not to Consider. With micro-targeting and the ability for real-time experimentation, your excuses for not exploring digital advertising are wearing thin.
  5. Take Time to Get Organized. It’s the best way to feel productive while procrastinating. Be ready when September hits.
  6. Ask for reviews.The feedback is great. Your clients and members will be impressed. And, inevitably, testimonials emerge.
  7. Create a Fall Reading List and brainstorm ways to use it. Take pictures of the books and post on Instagram, tagging the author. Do a book review for LinkedIn. Write a blog about what you’re learning, or create a graphic using your favorite quotes.

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