It’s a bit nerdy, but we love Disney World and can’t wait to have grand kids to take there. We love putting together media strategy and getting attention in newspapers, online, and on TV for our clients. We love trips to San Francisco and Napa Valley, and, oh, have you been to Mendocino, California?

We love putting together videos for clients that can go viral and be part of a major, new social media strategy. We love swim meets. We love movies – like the Godfather, Raising Arizona, Midnight in Paris, and all the Harry Potter books, which we’ve pored through with our three boys. We love listening to clients, hearing the passion they have for their business, and finding ways to harness the power of their stories to give them a legitimate and genuine leg up in their quest to grow.

We love all things New England, particularly Maine, but notably including the Red Sox and Fenway Park, Tom Brady and the Patriots, lobster rolls, loons, mountain hikes, and kayaking across black cola-colored lakes. We love working from a home studio and finding the ideal extended networks of specialists to meet your specific needs and keep prices down.

We love speechwriting and putting together compelling PowerPoint presentations. We love down comforters, big breakfasts, fall colors, Thanksgiving with family, conversations with old friends, and shooting photos…lots and lots of photos.

We love good jokes and finding ways to weave them into sales pitches. We love lots and lots of Christmas lights, playing board games, laying in hammocks, and snuggling with Labrador retrievers (but warn never to try those last two things at the same time). We love white boards and brainstorming and coming up with business strategy that is backed by a good story and a workable set of tactics.

We love Bear Cam. We love Breaking Bad, Cheers, West Wing, Seinfeld, and just about every show that appears on BBC and HGTV.  We love and get too much satisfaction from combing the Web and finding entirely new ways to serve our clients. We love starting with a blank piece of a paper and a conversation with a new or old client and coming up with ideas to take your business or organization to another level.