Anyone Can Post!

By March 9, 2018 No Comments

It’s never too late to get started on social media. If you are new to posting, tweeting, blogging, etc, we have some easy tips to get you started. Jim and I use “THINK, PLAN, TALK, MOVE, WRITE, LAUGH, ASSESS” in our planning. We are coming off of a successful coordinated social media campaign and have some gems to share. As you begin brainstorming about your campaign, here are some ways to get the ball rolling:

THINK about your campaign.
1. You know the event is coming up. You’ve been planning for a year. Make time, months in advance, to brainstorm how to link social media with your goals.
2. Advance planning will prevent you from being haphazard, and you will be grateful later when you see a consistent delivery of your message and your story.
3. By taking time to plan, ask yourself (and your team) what story you need to tell through this campaign – and what do you need in order to tell the story? What opportunities are coming up? What events, photo ops, and media can you take advantage of in the months leading up to your event? Put them all on the calendar. Now. (Really, please just go do it. We’ll wait.)

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