Carpe Momentum!

By March 15, 2018 No Comments

This week we’ve been sharing the process we have honed to design an effective social media campaign across all platforms. We have detailed the importance of creative brainstorming, followed quickly by a deliberate planning process where you involve all stakeholders and gather your hashtags. Today we introduce the next steps in our proven process, which is the importance of hashing it out and seizing the day. (Not hashTAGGING it out, but TALKING it through.) Once you’ve put your plans on paper, it’s time to widen the net and gather feedback:

  • Remember that great planning? Who else can you loop in for brainstorming?
  • Take your dreams, plans, and ideas to inspire your team, and then get their feedback on a frequent basis. This will hold you accountable to your PLAN.
  • What opportunities exist to tell your story? Think tv/radio/blogs/etc
  • Who has emerged within your organization with a particular talent or interest to tell your story via social media?
  • How can you blend PR and networking opportunities with social media? (Hint: In a lot of different ways)
  • How can your content be re-purposed or re-cycled? So often, you’re sitting on golden content that is used once and discarded. Mine your website and bookshelves for content ideas.

And once you talk about it…be ready to MOVE:

  • Commit yourself to the plan. Set aside a day or a half-day for a kick-off. Or, as we prefer, hire someone to help you.
  • Write content in batches. Have posts written and hashtags ready and scheduled to drop regularly.
  • Seize opportunities. Rarely is it a mistake to comment, react, and share your ideas. Social media is powerful, but it is fleeting.
  • Keep your eye on the prize. This is free publicity. This is the opportunity for new clients, to grow your business.
  • Maintain the momentum. At some point, it will become second nature, but it will take a while to get comfortable.



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