Why Change Our Brand to “7 Marcom?”

By July 5, 2017 No Comments

A year ago, we were compelled over a weekend to create an identity for a new business. We defaulted to “SRD Communications,” which effectively was a placeholder as we looked to help small businesses and non-profit organizations to better market and promote their products and services. Across our first 12 months, we happened upon the magic of the number and the concept of “7.”

Here are 7 reasons why we chose to rename our business “7 Marcom:”

  • We found that it takes about 7 questions to generate a powerful conversation that gives us insight into how to tell our clients’ compelling stories.
  • We’ve learned that there are 7 distinct actions that are essential to generating ideas and converting those ideas into successful marketing and communications strategy. Those actions are: Think, Talk, Plan, Move, Write, Laugh, and Assess.
  • 7 is just a great number. It’s considered lucky across all countries and cultures. There are 7 days in a week, 7 colors in a rainbow, 7 Wonders of the World, 7 continents, and 7 dwarves. The probability of rolling a 7 with two dice is higher than any other number. We love James Bond, 007 and the great Phil Esposito who wore number 7 for the Boston Bruins. The climax of most major sporting events comes down to Game 7. And there are 7 volumes to the Harry Potter series.
  • Generally, people feel comfortable and find logic in things being categorized into lists or groups of 7.
  • People’s attention span generally lasts about 7 minutes, meaning your speeches and presentations to change tempo or otherwise re-engage the audience every 7 minutes. By the way, that’s something we can help you do.
  • Last, just say the number “7” out loud. Go ahead. See? It made you smile, didn’t it?
  • Overall, we think that now that you have heard the name “7 Marcom,” you won’t forget it.

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