Coming Back Vacation-Energized

By August 10, 2018 No Comments

If you’re reading this from your last days of vacation with that “How in the World Am I Going to Catch Up?” panic rising in your chest, we offer some concrete ways to get your team rolling when you walk back into the office. Step into your meeting with some new ways to brainstorm and catch up and with this plan now in hand, go back to your book and have a great trip home.

  1. Ask members of your team to submit personal agendas via email, listing their top five needs or concerns, to better understand their current situations. You don’t need to actively discuss each item, but this will help you prioritize your agenda (and you can include their individual notes in the meeting agenda).
  2. Then, have a “single-item agenda” meeting. Work on solving the most pressing issue first. Your teammates will feel empowered and appreciated and on their way toward productive change.
  3. Ban the use of laptops, tablets, and phones. Make it a “paper-only” gathering, removing distraction and shortening the meeting.
  4. Bring in snacks from your vacation or serve ice cream to keep that summer vibe alive.
  5. Make internal September resolutions, capturing the momentum of a fresh start.
  6. Come up with a word of the year as inspiration.
  7. Ask an open-ended question focusing on the upcoming quarter, facilitating some fresh ideas to get your team accustomed to using new approaches.

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