Content is King (And More Ways to Win through Social Media)

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Apparently it’s going to snow tomorrow judging by the grocery store lines and Jim Cantore’s twitter feed. I love snowy days and the unexpected break from my daily routine. A snowy day offers the rare gift of time to attend to tasks you know you NEED to do but rarely find time for. I’m hyping this up because I’d love you for you to use your snow day to close your planner and pour some energy into developing your social media plan.

We are enthusiastic proponents of a well-planned strategy because…it WORKS. Last week we described how deliberate planning gets REAL results that can make you memorable and improve your bottom line.  We have honed seven steps for effective, cohesive campaigns and we love to share what we’ve learned. These are the pillars that undergird most of our projects: THINK, PLAN, TALK, MOVE, WRITE, LAUGH, ASSESS. Today we are focusing on writing your social media content, as well as the importance of injecting humor into the process (and the content, for that matter).

Sometimes it’s the writing piece that paralyzes us. We don’t know where to begin or how to conclude. But in the words of Anne Lamott “Butt in chair. Just do it.” Pretend you are in 10th grade English and your teacher has set the timer for 10 minutes. Once you start typing, your story will begin to take shape. Below are more tips for generating content:


  • Content is king. Writing one single blog can serve several masters, from newsletters to your website to all channels on social media. (Think blogs, interviews, press releases, etc. There are many roads to tell your story. Many “toll-free” roads.)
  • Recycle content. Much of it may already be written and with subtle changes, it can be reborn. Surveys, studies, columns, white papers, marketing copy…don’t let content languish on your shelves and on your desk. Get it out there (again).
  • Read. From the latest Malcolm Gladwell to your favorite bloggers to general news stories, not only will you get your own ideas, but you’ll find ways to leverage others’.
  • Drip, drip, drip. The more content, the more others see you, the more insightful and relevant you become, the more eyeballs, clicks, and sales you get.
  • Your story matters. Write as much as possible in advance and, then, as opportunities arise to contribute and share content, you will have a discipline of sorts to ensure your social media presence matches your story and brand.


  • Humor sells. A funny video, a humorous client anecdote. Always within the boundaries of good taste, but be on the lookout for business-appropriate humor.
  • Use others’ funny quotations in your content.
  • Be self-deprecating. Humility can be the path to new clients’ hearts. Is there a funny error that you can showcase to demonstrate that you are evolving, that you are learning and growing?
  • Laughing is a pressure valve. It’s disengaging. It builds camaraderie. It makes work more contagious and motivates your team.
  • The alternative is no fun. Finding time to laugh will also relieve the stress of having to write social media posts for multiple events across three platforms and compose 15 separate email campaigns. Are there opportunities to share a funny story? Businesses who use humor quickly build an advantage over other brands.

So go ahead:  brave the lines, get your wine milk and bread and tuck yourself in for the snow. You know what’s next: Butt in chair. Just do it.

Happy Snow Day!

Jenny Cudahy

Project Manager and the Manager of the Mischief Manager

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