Content is King: 7 Blog Topics for the New Year.

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You read about it everywhere: blogging is basically a free way to showcase your expertise and develop a connection with current and potential clients. Recent statistics show that 81% of online consumers trust the information and advice they receive from blogs; 61% of readers make purchases based on bloggers reviews; and 60% of readers feel more positive about organizations after reading their blogs. (smallbizdaily)

But you’re busy already. And it can be intimidating to share your business (literally) with the whole Internet. Remember those writing prompts in 10th grade English when your teacher would set the timer for five minutes and make you just “go” (“write, stream of consciousness, don’t stop”)? That same approach will sharpen your blogging skills and make a huge difference in the number of hits to your website. Your business has a brand and a story, and you need make the time to tell it. To prime the pump, we’ve listed seven blog topics you can use over the next few months. And if you need help, let us know.

7 Interesting Blog Topics for 2018

  1. How will your industry change in 2018?  Let your readers know what changes are coming to the industry in 2018, and how to stay on top of the latest trends. (Hint: Twitter)
  2. Share a client’s success story. Highlight a win that one of your clients garnered, showcasing the role your team played AND the skills your team brought to the project…but the shout-out to the client is the most important part.
  3. Recommend blogs/podcasts. Short on time?  Type up a list of blogs and podcasts that you love, even if they aren’t industry specific. Throw some fun ones into the mix.
  4. Become better at xyz in 5 minutes. Write a short post on how to sharpen a skill in 5 (10, 15) minutes. Inspire your readers to choose an area they need to work on, and give specific ways they can become more proficient with dedicated, short bursts of time.
  5. 10 top tips for 2018. Readers respond to headings with lists so give them 10 ways to do something better in 2018 (though we favor lists of 7)
  6. Compile a list of the best tools or apps or software for business owners in your industry. What’s new, what works, and what’s making your job easier. Even if it just helps you remember to buy the milk.
  7. Do a book review. Tell your readers about the best book you’ve read lately, and how it relates to your industry. Share your favorite quotes (and cite them) for them to use in their communications.

Ready? Set the timer for five minutes.

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