Getting Actual Results with Social Media

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On Friday we began to share the strategy that 7 Marcom used in a recent social media campaign that crushed our goals and made our clients happy.  This project required a combination of deliberate strategy and otj training, with some trial and error mixed in. The result was a satisfied client and a framework for future campaigns. Using a “Growth Mindset” mentality, we took a step back and dissected the process, reverse-engineering it to make sure we captured what worked and what didn’t, and now we’re sharing it with you. This is our collective experience to help you connect across the platforms – to turn something you hadn’t been able to monetize into PROFITS. 

Friday’s blog was on “THINKING” about your upcoming events, projects, or campaigns to encourage you to get the ideas flowing as you run on the treadmill or make dinner. Today we focus on the PLANNING part of the process, and because we’re all short on time, we’re throwing the ideas at you in bullet form.

  • Reverse engineer your plan chronologically from key events and moments (Product launches, conferences, speaking engagements, etc.).
  • Develop a great media list. It is MUCH more effective to build your own list. Make time to double check email addresses and titles.
  • Allocate time and resources to build content.
  • Consider how content can serve multiple marketing purposes (website, newsletters, social media, public relations).
  • What is your story? Who are the main characters? (People are ALWAYS the main characters, not the data.)
  • Make time to step back and think about your process. Scrutinize similar clients, projects, and organizations. What do you like? Write it down now!
  • What components do you need to include? What parts of your brand or story need to be communicated in each message? What consistencies need to be included?
  • Plan your writing: most of your story and your social media posts can be pre-written. If you take time now, you can edit and hone your story until it sings.
  • Plan ahead to get the social media hashtags and addresses across all platforms (@7marcom). ( DO NOT let this hold you up, build your hashtag and social media list now so that you can MOVE when it is time.) Advanced planning allows you to seize spontaneous opportunities later.

Until tomorrow,

Jenny Cudahy

Principal, 7 Marcom


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