Ask Jim what he considers the most valuable course he ever took and he doesn’t hesitate: “Mrs. Hemple’s typing class, and it’s not even close. We were on electronic typewriters, and by the time I got to college and then into the workforce, of course we were on computers. But my ability to write stories, to develop strategy, and to manipulate data and surveys? It was all unleashed with a command of typing.”

It’s doubtful that typing was responsible for Cudahy’s rapid ascension in marketing and communications. Instead, it was a cross-section of creative and analytical abilities, something that allowed him to conceive ideas, break them down into their component parts, and then to write and complete the tactics that are where marketing and communications strategy lives or dies.

Before working at 7 Marcom and its predecessor SRD Communications, Cudahy was the CEO at the National Investor Relations Institute and the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA). Prior to that Cudahy worked with scores of clients under the auspices of Green Monster Marketing and Communications. Before that he was vice president of marketing and communications at CFA Institute, director of marketing at INFOCOMM International, and was assistant director of marketing at NCRA. Jim holds a B.A. in English from James Madison University and holds the Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential.

Favorite Author: Malcolm Gladwell

Favorite Movie: Raising Arizona

Guilty Pleasure: Long Solitary Drives to Think